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General Articles

A different kind of teacher. Harvey Mills reports on the 2019 TCF October Getaway.

Where two or three are gathered Short article by Peter Kidd (Aug 2019).

Israel Folau and religious freedom (Aug 2019).

Public Schools fight back (Aug 2018).

Book Review: Kara Martin, Workshop: how to use your work to workship God. (August 2017).

Truthiness - the new reality (February 2017).

Bright students & Disadvantaged schools. (June 2016)

A History of Australian Army Chaplains - Book review of "Captains of the Soul (Feb 2015).

Ambiguity of Christmas in a post-Christian society .

Business of education.

Christian response to recession

The end is nigh

Fear of education. About digital education - December 2011

The Five great challenges for parents and teachers (pdf 6MB) Alcohol use, sleep deprivation, cybersafety and other key issues.

Christian giving: A complex matter? (Feb 2012)

Gumbuli of Ngukurr: Aboriginal Elder in Arnhem Land - A Book Review from 2012

Story of Helen and Peter Kidd (December 2013)

Lest we forget (June 2012)

Living a life under God's calling. A review of the book: "Captains of the Soul" by Michael Gladwin from February 2015.

Money Traps (Aug 2009)

Book review of societyRoy William's book: "Post God Nation" (John Gore - Dec 2015)

Stewart of Stewart house - Article on the ministry and influence of Sir Frederick Stewart (December 2013)

Technology: What the Bible says

RUCAS Keynote The Keynote Address at the TCFNSW RUCAS Conference was presented by Phil Nanlohy from the University of Western Sydney. (RUCAS stands for Really Using Computers At School)

Using Technology in the Classroom: How Christian is that?. The dinner speech at the TCFNSW RUCAS Conference was presented by John Capper. (RUCAS stands for Really Using Computers At School)

Trivial Pursuits (Dec 2008)

Is Values Education just the latest fad? Professor Brian Hill

Which values do I Teach in a multi-faith society? Professor Brian Hill

Are today’s young people different? Ken Buttrum, former Director-General of Juvenile Justice


Behaviour Management Strategies for High School SRE Teachers. (Feb 2018)

Not in My School. An article in reply to Paulin Hansen wanting to take children with disabilities out of main stream classes. (August 2017)

Homework. An article exploring a christian perspective to homework. (October 2016)

Supporting the Oral and written language needs of students with additional needs - Notes from Harley Mills on the half day seminar on May 2016

10 things I learnt from the seminar on Occupational Therapy Strategies. Harley Mills reflects on the half day seminar in May 2016.

ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder - Implications for students and Management Strategies for Teachers - Notes from Andrew Greenfield’s presentation to 2013 Teacher’s Christian Fellowship Day Conference.

Bullying (pdf 3MB) Examining some of the ethical moral and legal dilemmas in working with young people. (pdf of Slide Presentations only..)

Including students with a disability in regular classrooms (December 2012)

Mental and behavioural health - Old problem, new solution?

Today's adolescents - different? (Feb 2013)

Attention Difficulties Ilona Bruveris, Senior Adviser, Student Behaviour Support, NSW Department of Education and Training

Being the boss. Dr Cath Laws, Principal, Fowler Road School

Think Right to Act Right. John Gore, Chief Education Officer, Human Society and Its Environment, NSW Department of Education and Training

inernational flags on people


Members from NSW Australia, visiting schools overseas

Bangladesh teacher training: Ian thanks the teachers involved and shares his experiences in his report: Barefoot in Bangladesh

The education of girls in India: Issues discussed in an article August 2013. John Gore, Education Consultant, Australia (Paper given at the 2013 Pacific Circle Consortium Conference, Honolulu, Hawai’i)

What did I learn? Seven years involvement with schools in India. Education in India (Dec 2015)

Disclaimer: These articles are the opinions of the authors and does not necessarily reflect that of all Teachers' Christian Fellowship members.

Conference participants

Religious education

Articles relevant for Special Religious Education (SRE) in NSW (Australia) schools

Religion in NSW Schools: A future less certain

Does God make a difference? An Australian perspective. (April 2011)

National curriculum: Consigning future generations to religious illiteracy? (Feb 2011)

Religious Education, brainwashing and faith (October 2011)

Teaching about creation


2019 Curriculum Review Interim report: First impression (Dec 2019)

Curriculum versus Pedagodgy(June 2019)

Breaking the mould: Is there a place for service learning in the revised NSW curriculum?(April 2019)

Draft Senior Modern History Syllabus - Recommendations. Alec Mills draws presents some recommendations about Aboriginal education contexts in the Draft Stage 6 Modern History Syllabus

Submission to NSW Curriculum Board by TCF. (2018)

Building a curriculum for whole individuals and society (Oct 2009)

The History debates: Will they never end? (Feb 2009)

K-10 History: The devil isn't in the detail. (Feb 2014)

K-10 History: The devil isn't in the detail: A response by Alec Mills (April 2014).

Building a curriculum for whole individuals and society. Barry McGaw, Chair, National Curriculum Board

broken pencils


Pity the poor parent John Gore writes in defense of NAPLAN (Dec 2018)

Going backwards: 20+ years of a literacy and numeracy focus. John Gore evaluates the last 20+ years of literacy and Numeracy. (April 2018)

The leaning tower of PISA. John Gore writes about the "Program for international Assessment". (Aug 2016)

Assessment, reporting and student self-esteem

Competition: A product of the curse?

League Tables: Will the "Truth" really hurt? (Oct 2009)

Whole School

Working with refugee students (Oct 2019)

Religious schools and LGBT discrimination (Feb 2019)

Its a Privilege. An article about selective and non-government schools from John Gore
(Oct 2018)

Gender and schooling John Gore explores the belief that co-ed learning increases acceptance and leads to greater equality with less gender sterotyping
(Feb 2018)

"Distorted and incomplete" responds to articles in the popular media about education standards, discipline and single-sex schools.
(Dec 2016)

The Challenge of LGBT students (April 2016)

Working with LGBT students (June 2016)

Preventing the radicalisation of young people: Can schools help? (Oct 2015)

Writing a School Based Welfare Plan by Dianne Young (June 2015)

Values: Why values education is an important agenda.

When Citizens bite back: Civics education as a foundation for social change Part 1 and Part 2 (2012)

Who are you going to vote for? (Aug 2010)


Developing a Supportive School Context. Rob Spence, District Guidance Officer, Campbelltown

Screening for students at risk (pdf 2MB) Practical strategies for identifying students needing intervention.


Discussion: More than shared ignorance Article on using Discussion appropriately in the classroom. (Feb 2020)

Working with refugee students Helpful article from Lyn Searle about teaching refugee students. (Oct 2019)

Them- article on what approach should Christian teachers take to the issues that arise from teaching refugees, etc.(Oct 2019)

Teaching Integrity Paper by Erin Hickon on teaching the holocaust in age-appropriate and safe ways.

John Gore wrties a review of Erin Hicks article(Oct 2019)

Learning innovations: It’s always going to be a hybrid model. Article about teachers embracing changes in the way teaching is done. (April 2017)

Contemporary, controversial and Christian?

Creationism – What is it?

Teacher expectations and student performance (Dec 2009)

Teaching About Christmas – 1  (Dec 2006)

Teaching About Christmas – 2  (Feb 2007)

Teaching well - Book review (April 2014)

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