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The Cochrane’s in Bangladesh

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The Cochrane’s in Bangladesh 2017

We returned on Sunday 13 March after a three week visit. As we reflected on the journey while travelling home, both of us feel that this visit could well be our most significant to date. We were reminded time and time again, just how much our going seems to bring encouragement to both Bangladeshis and ex-pats alike. It was good to be met by secret police at the domestic airport on arrival, as it indicated Government awareness of all new arrivals. They took details of whom we were, where we were staying, the length of our stay, and what we would be doing. Having an armed guard with an assault rifle in the front seat, simply added to our safety. We were extremely careful during our time to follow all security procedures.

For this visit I had four aims: to re-contact with the teachers at both LAMB and Livingstone Schools; to observe lots of lessons; to re-establish the trust lost with Bimal the Headmaster, and Parul his wife; and give the staff the cost of living salary increase that Bimal has not given them for the last three years.

Re-connecting was not and I was very encouraged by their feedback on how helpful my training and lesson observations have been over the last 12 years. I observed almost 50 lessons across both schools - Livingstone School in the mornings, and LAMB School in the afternoons.

LAMB English Medium Kindergarten School - Bangladesh

After two mammoth sessions of three hours each with Bimal, a level of reconciliation was reached that I never thought possible again. The same reconciliation was not achieved with Parul, although we are back to speaking terms. Unless there is honesty in a relationship, there can never be full reconciliation.

Finally, the cost of living money still hasn't been released from the Australian end. The money that was sent by Western Union on February 16 exceeded the Australian limit. I am now going through the processes of recovering the money, and sending it in two lots.

Thank you so much to those of you who prayed for us. We noticed the results of this every day we were there. Thank you for continuing to journey with us.

Warm regards to you all,

Ian and Jill Cochrane