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Margaret in Bangladesh

Margaret Barlow’s reflections on her time in Bangladesh

Sweeping in Bangladesh

A few of the main things I noticed were:

There wasn’t enough time over all, to read and send emails, to sort photos, and even to have personal prayer and mutual devotions time: all had to be squeezed into the day where possible. Learning Bangla and journaling were out of the question for me. On the other hand, being busy meant not having time to be home-sick or to look for nibbles to eat (I lost 2 kg over there, but have put it back on now). This isn’t a complaint: there were opportunities we could have knocked back, but when new experiences are on offer, I’d rather take them up, e.g. going to a neighbouring town to see the church William Carey established in 1799(?); interacting with dinner.

Over and over I missed opportunities to pray as soon as situations arose, e.g. things lost or missing, things not seeming to go to plan, people suffering disappointments we seemed unable to solve, difficult situations that seemed inevitable, potential danger, but when I did pray, things came good, and two of the trainee teachers (Christians) who asked for specific prayer spoke to me of how very grateful they were when God answered. This was no doubt multiplied with the others.

I’ve come away with a better understanding of God’s great desire to have things go well for us in his work, and hopefully I’ve learned to pray more quickly, and confidently, about all things.

Church building in Bangladesh
Shamla Hasta, the daughter of our cook; on a non-school day.