Teachers' Christian Fellowship of NSW : Blast from the past

The relevance of a Christian philosophy of education
Anna C Hogg JCE Vol 5 No 1 June 1962 republished Vol 42 No 3 December 1999

A series of articles featuring excerpts from past numbers of the Journal of Christian Education (JCE) and featuring fundamental teaching about Christian education.

We could go on through all the subjects of the curriculum. The point is simply that Christian education is not a limited affair; it is as wide as truth itself. To restrict it to the Scripture is to belittle God.

Even when specialisation is desirable – and as knowledge advances it must become more necessary – it is doubtful if the Christian is ever justified in neglecting entirely the other disciplines. Further, note that in a Christian Philosophy of Education there is no hierarchy of courses. Some subjects may be more difficult, some more academic, but none is more important than the others.

Education, according to the Christian view, is however more than an array of studies, even studies leading to a knowledge of God. It is a way of living, a way of thinking, feeling, doing, creating, reacting in social relationships, in response to a Person. This, too, has to be taught as fact, reinforced by practice, and nurtured as the natural outcome of commitment without which Christian Education would be meaningless.

One is reminded of the contribution of the great contemporary Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber, that the teacher must himself be what he wants his pupils to become.

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