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2018 Getaway

5th-7th October at Stanwell Tops Conference Centre.

Stanwell Tops view of Sea Bridge - Public Domain - Flickr

Join us for a relaxing weekend of fun and fellowship at the end of Term 3. Enjoy the peaceful environment and magnificent views of the South Coast. Put this date in your diary and watch for details in the next edition of TCF News.

President's Report for 2017

The President's report for 2017 is available. It provides a valuable perspective from Romans 1 of TCF as a support for teachers as they witness, teach students, support colleagues and above all honour God. We need the support of prayer.

Latest Discussion

20+ years of Literacy and numeracy

John has shared an extensive discussion about literacy and numeracy in schools which includes many other issues related to this. What do the NAPLAN results show if anything about Australian schools? Read the article "Going backwards: 20+ years of a literacy and numeracy focus", together with the postscript "Gong for Gonski" and share your thoughts about schooling in Australia on Facebook.

Behaviour Management Strategies for High School SRE


Karen Davies and Harley have put together some ideas and points to assist classroom management skills. These have been posted as Behviour Management Strategies for High School SRE. Some of these ideas have wide application, and some are most applicable to High School SRE teachers. Have you tried these? Share what you have tried and what happened in the discussion on Facebook.

Praying 20+ years of literacy and numeracy focus ASD Article about students being silenced from talking about Jesus