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Weekend Getaway

11th - 13th October The Retreat Cottage, Stanwell Tops. Download the application form and details

Download as a pdf the latest TCF News. It contains reports from the AGM

Helpful Grammar Resources

Now available from the TCF office ..... sequential GRAMMAR activites, including definitions and examples, covering each of the teaching points for Early Stage 1, Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the NSW Education Standards Authority English Syllabus" as of July 2018.

These free lesson guides are available, in electronic form only, by sending an email request to tcfofnsw@exemail.com.au specifying the stages you require.

Latest Discussion

Article Review

John Gore reviews an article by Erin Hick on Teaching our students about integrity, courage and human rights.

Working with refugee students

Lyn Searle gives some insights about working with refugee students.


John Gore presents his views on refugees, asylum seekers, boat people, displaced people and visa over stayers. How do primaryteachers and secondary teachers of geography, history and English deal with the controversial issues that these labels bring? What approach should Christian teachers take to the issues that arise?


Where two or three are gathered

Short article by Peter Kidd on praying with other Christian staff at your school. Have you met with other Christian teachers to pray? How has it helped? Join the discussion on Facebook.

Israel Folau and religious freedom: Implications for Christian education

John Gore presents his view on Israel Folau. and the implications for religious freedom

Praying 20+ years of literacy and numeracy focus ASD