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Notice of TCF Annual General Meeting

When: Saturday 15th June 2019
Where: Unit 21/16 Bobart St Parramatta. (Entrance in King St)
Time: 1.30pm
Please contact the office if you requuire a proxy form or Committee nomination form.

Back copies of JCE

George Glanville has a full set of the Journal of Christian Education that he would like to give away either as a full set or individual copies. Please contact him ASAP on 0425325302 if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Lyn Searle's Indian Trip

Lyn has written a short article about her recent trip to India

Latest Discussion

Breaking the mould: Is there a place for service learning in the revised NSW curriculum?

John Gore raises some interesting question on his recent article about the place of service learning

Wikipedia image of Sutton Grammar School pupils

Its a Privilege

John provides some background to the current debate about school funding in an article Its a Privilege? and compares it to Biblical principles to care for the poor. How do you balance the issues of choice and equality in your Christian ethics? Are government schools the best way to help the poor? What is the difference between high and low fee paying schools? Join the discussion on Facebook.

Praying 20+ years of literacy and numeracy focus ASD Article about students being silenced from talking about Jesus