About Us

About us

Teachers' Christian Fellowship of New South Wales (TCFNSW Inc) exists to promote a Christian perspective in education and support Christian teachers. It is interested in all areas of education from a Christian perspective of which religious education is but one part.

The Fellowship is open to all teachers and educators and is governed by an executive elected by those members who sign a statement of the Christian faith.

TCFNSW has a long history that begins in the 1930s. For much of that time it has operated to provide support to Christian teachers and educators. More recently it has embraced a wider mission to engage all teachers and educators in consideration of educational issues from a Christian perspective.

Members receive a monthly newsletter and have reduced fees to conferences and other activities that are open to all teachers and educators.

Executive Committee


PO Box 8401

Telephone: 0456 203 548

Email: mailtcfofnsw@gmail.com

History(pdf - 75kb)